Hey there, I’m Katie! Self care advocate and dog mom to a shih tzu named Rex.


I’ve been a stylist since year, and over the years have learned that curly hair is my jam! I have a unique eye for seeing the different types of curls in your hair and a knack for curly cuts. I also really enjoy working on blondes.


Together, we’ll create a realistic plan of what we are able to achieve with your hair. You can rest assured knowing I’ll help guide you to your dream hair. 


My favorite thing about this industry is being able to connect with you and build a relationship. Bonus points if you bring your favorite recipe to share with me during your visit! I love cooking and am always looking for new recipes to try.


Check out my Instagram @katiesem_hair, and click here or call the salon at 608-497-1886 to make a reservation with me.